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We have more than five acres of grass fields divided into half-acre paddocks for rotation grazing and two smaller "sacrifice" paddocks for early spring when we need to let the grass grow. Fencing is three-strand Intellibraid electric fence.

Our barn has two 12 x 12 and one 9 x 10 matted stalls.

We have a spacious 12 x 30 run-in shed for shelter from the elements. The shed can be divided into two sides if horses need to be separated.

I work at home and am available at any moment to bring the horses in or attend to any other needs such as blanket changes, fly spray, refilling water, or throwing more hay.

12 x 30 shed with divider (we've since added a back wall)

Grass pastures

Two 12 x 12 stalls and pony stall on the right.

Jessie Shiers
557 Pleasant Street
Norway, ME 04268

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