Rough Draft Farm
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ROUGH DRAFT FARM is our little five acres of heaven, nestled in the foothills of Western Maine. Here at RDF, we know that life is always a work in progress. If we make a mistake the first time, it's okay . . . it was only a rough draft!

We are now offering retirement board! Excellent care at an affordable rate. Click the "Retirement Board" link above for more info.

Our first snowfall at Rough Draft Farm.1907_91633_0.jpg
September at RDF. George (left) and Beamer (right)

Beamer,  being ridden by Cassi Martin.

GeorgeLovesCate.jpgGeorge and Cate Tibbets, February 2007. George loves anything small, especially kids and ponies.

George and Peanut giving pony rides to Cate and Gavin.

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