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Retire your equine friend in comfort at our farm!
Rest assured that your loyal companion is receiving top-quality care at a reasonable cost.
Owner on premises 24 hours a day.
Small, private farm with no more than five horses ensures personalized care and attention for each horse.
Click "Facilities" link above for photos!

Short-term boarders also welcome:
Vacation, Layup, Youngsters, Broodmares.

Retirement Board: $250
24/7 turnout with shelter (on grass pastures in season)
12 x 12 Stalls available (see below)
Grain 2x per day
Supplements (provided by horse's owner) 1 or 2x per day
Free-choice hay (if not on grass)
Fresh, clean water at all times
Hooves picked 3x per week
Grooming 3x per week
Fly spraying as needed
Blanket changes as needed
Daily visual check
Bimonthly paste deworming
Routine vet and farrier care scheduled and handled for you (Owner is responsible for costs)
Monthly e-mail updates with photos

Additional Services Available
Stall board (with daily turnout): $100 extra per month
Lungeing for fitness: $15 per 15-minute session
Administration of meds, oral or IM: $30/month for daily meds, or $5 per for individual
Bathing: $10 per bath
Extra grooming: $5 per session

Jessie Shiers
557 Pleasant Street
Norway, ME 04268

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